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Another WIP! Jupiter even when you are unfinished you turn into a fantastic desktop background. 

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Now that all the inner senshi are done, which one is your favorite?

Did some minor editing (mostly to Rei) on all the title cards I’ve finished so far, and uploaded to DA them as a wallpaper pack.
Download here:

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Sorry for the delay! Here is Minako. ♥

I think I’m going to go back and make some adjustments to Rei and Ami and then I will release all 4 girls as a wallpaper pack because I’ve gotten some requests for that.

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Act 4; Civillians // Guardians

"Now there are three Sailor Guardians."

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hey hey my name's steph & i'm a moonie from australia. this is my sailor moon blog where I make, reblog and post about sailor moon things. ♡
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