in the name of the moon
팬아트]프린세스 세레니티
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colors are fun ye boi

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My name is Usagi Tsukino. I’m in the 8th grade, 14 years old. I know I’m a little clumsy and a crybaby sometimes.

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Couple of moon brats

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Sailor Moon Crystal → Episode 02

↳ Ami Mizuno

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I wanna be a doctor like my mom, I have to study harder.

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We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to a prince

We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection

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Ami, let’s keep being friends from now on.

Sure Usagi.

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Anonymous: I just wanted to thank you so much for letting us know where we can watch the new sailor moon!!!! I would always check this blog all the time (I just had a daughter in jan so I've been busy!) and sailor moon had slipped my mind, and when I remembered it came out - I was so excited to see that it was viewable!!! You rule!

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you this message is really sweet and made me really happy!! its np im glad that this blog helped! xxxx

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hey hey my name's steph & i'm a moonie from australia. this is my sailor moon blog where I make, reblog and post about sailor moon things. ♡
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